500,000 Euros

A few years ago I spent an evening with a business man in the north of Poland. He was in an immediate need of 500,000 Euros to maintain cash flow for his business. The Lord had given me some insight that would help his business. He thought nothing of taking us to one of the nicest restaurants in town to talk. He was thinking about half a million Euros, so spending a 100 Euros on a meal for our small party was not significant to him. It was money well spent if it helped his kingdom business succeed.

As some of you know, I was an elected official on our local public school board for nine years. The people who serve on these kinds of boards have generally experienced a lot of success in their lives. When went to dinner after a board meeting we did not go to a cheap, fast food restaurant. It was an expensive meal. Was it a waste of money for me to spend that kind of money on a meal? I don’t think so. I needed to have those relationships to be an effective leader in our community. Also, in those settings I have often gained insights that have helped me be fruitful in other areas of my life and the kingdom. People gather around food, relationships are built and the Kingdom expands.

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