What About the “Redistribution of Wealth”?

Jim Morrison in his book God Gave Capitalism to You discusses what he feels is the false notion that capitalism is bad, and Marxism and socialism are good. Here are his thoughts:

“Some say a ‘redistribution of wealth’ is the answer or that ‘we must spread it around’ to help everyone and make things more ‘fair’…even Christians find this message appealing as it sounds like you are an ‘advocate for the downtrodden’. However this anti-capitalist message is connected with Marxism itself. Marxism is inherently atheistic, and thus not compatible with the scriptures.”

To explain lets look at a definition of Marxism. Marxism is the ideology developed by Karl Marx in the middle to late 1800’s. Within decades, it had subdued nearly half of mankind and resulted in over one hundred million deaths (details to follow). The two most basic precepts of Socialism and Marxism are:

1) The individual has no value.

2) There is no such thing as private property.

Under pure Marxism, everything is about the collective. Everything belongs to the state, the collective, including your house, your children, your spouse, even your life. They all could be taken from you at any time. Because of this, no one wants to stand out.

Therefore, no system has ever so completely destroyed creativity and initiative as Marxism. Soon anyone, or any group, that did stand out was quickly destroyed. This is where Marxism always ultimately leads. Personal initiative was discouraged and often violently crushed. In many basic ways, Marxism and true, biblical Christianity are exactly opposite to one another. Marx realized this, which is why one of his basic goals was the destruction of Christianity. In their pure forms, Christianity and Marxism cannot coexist.

The Biblical Worldview is one that allows people to own personal property and honestly benefit from their own labor, wisdom, education and experience. It allows individuals to be creative and industrious. As America experimented with Adam Smith’s ideas about capitalism and free markets it started to grow, and as it did immigrants from all over the world flocked there. Did they go there so someone could redistribute wealth to them? No…they went for the opportunity to work and be rewarded by it. Socialist redistribution of a forced nature is like theft. People can (and should) give willingly and freely to the poor or whatever cause they choose, but the moment it is forced freedom is lost.


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