The Fruit of Marxism

Marxism cannot exist without control over people, including people’s thought and beliefs. No deviations can be tolerated, which is why Marxist states often tend to quickly become police states. In Marxists states, everything belongs to the collective, including and especially people. Therefore, the state could come at any time and take you, your children, your spouse, and do with them what they pleased. Listen to what Rick Joyner says:

It is fitting that the color adopted by Marxism is red. There has been no ideology in history that has caused more bloodshed of its own people than Marxism. This is because of one core precept of Marxism as stated by Karl Marx in The Capitalist: “the individual has no value.” Without any religious or moral basis other than the interests of the collective, it became not only acceptable, but a duty to kill as many as necessary to bring about total subjugation to the collective. This was the basic validation for Lenin’s purges.

Stalin took it to the next obvious level through the wholesale murder and starvation of over thirty million of his own people. This was also the validation of Mao’s murder of tens of millions of Chinese citizens in the Cultural Revolution. In the span of just forty years, over 110 million people were confirmed killed by Marxist purges, and the true number is likely much higher. Because individuals have no value, this was not even considered a crime, or evil, under Marxism.

Unfortunately, Marx had his dark political and economic philosophy reinforced by the release of Origin of Species by his contemporary Charles Darwin. Darwin’s theory of evolution further reduced the value of the individual. Instead of the Biblical understanding that mankind is created in the image of God, Darwin declared man to be just another animal species that happened to be a little more advanced than the rest. Darwin’s theory of “survival of the fittest” served as an easy apologetic for the killing of the weak by the strong, or in the case of Marxism, those in power.

As Rick Joyner stated, in some cases it was even promoted as a duty so that the species would not be corrupted by weakness. This became a key component in Marxist doctrine and was also adopted by the “National Socialist Party”—the Nazis. The Nazis were also socialists who believed that the individual existed for the state, not the other way around. This made it easy to dehumanize the Jews with horrendous results.

Christianity emphasizes that salvation is personal—one had to have personal faith in Christ to be saved. This gave infinite value and importance to the individual, as well as responsibility. This is, of course, contrary to the Marxist doctrine of the collective and Karl Marx’s statement that the individual has “no value.”

I hope you are not bored with all these discussions on economics. Look for more practical application in the New Year.

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