Big Government, Little People

I recently heard someone say the bigger and more controlling a government is the more little the people become in their ability to live, make choices and be fruitful in their lives. Of course the opposite is true then, the more little the government is in its scope of control, the bigger the ability for individuals to live, make choices and be fruitful.

The principles of capitalism and individual freedoms were instilled in the very fabric of Hebrew society. It was simply the way they thought and lived. This included the social values of caring for ones parents, orphans, widows and the poor. The government did not enforce these social values but they were cultural pressures placed on each individual to live accordingly.

In ancient Hebrew society everyone was required to live according to godly values. An especially high value was placed on the honoring of one’s parents. Someone who did not take care of their parents was ridiculed or shunned from the community. The Hebrew people believed God would bless them, only if the entire community lived by God’s laws. They kept each other accountable. This is not necessarily possible today.

Harold Eberle teaches that society is should be governed by individuals, families, Church and civil government. Does government have a role? Yes…absolutely! I am convinced that “no government” is worse even than bad government. That would be anarchy, which is not Biblical and leads to the total breakdown of society. Indeed I am greatly thankful for limited government that builds roads, assists in national catastrophes, defends against outsides threats and provides social programs that benefit us all. But Government must be limited so it will not limit people.



Compassionate Capitalism – A Judeo-Christian Valueby Harold Eberle, 2010, Worldcast Publishing.

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