Little Government, Big People

Once the Hebrews entered the Promised Land, God wanted them to live and govern themselves as free individuals. When they faced national problems He would raise up a judge to organize the people. Each judge was only able to rule because the people willingly accepted his or her leadership.

Unfortunately the Hebrew people wanted a king to rule over them.  God spoke through the prophet Samuel and warned them that if they got a king, the king would take their sons and daughters to serve in armies, fields, and kitchens. The King would take the best of their fields and vineyards. God did not want the Hebrews to have a King but they insisted on it. They were determined to have someone rule over them. They wanted to be servants rather than free.

Among the worst effects of an over controlling government is that it robs the people of the produce of their own labors. It kills motivation and entrepreneurship. When government reigns over people rather than serving them, it oppresses the human spirit, which was created in the image of God.  God wanted to keep the Hebrews from making this mistake, but they went ahead anyway and got a king to rule over them.

Slowing the successful will slow society. Harold Eberle says it like this:Compare successful capitalists to a heard of horses running across and open plain. They are free and fast moving. When the government requires the capitalist to incorporate and license their businesses, it is comparable to putting bits in the mouths of the horses. As the capitalists are required to document every expenditure, the horses are reined. As they are told how to do business, the horses are directed where they can and cannot run. As the capitalists are taxed heavily, large weights are placed on the backs of the horses and if the weights are too heavy they will never run again.

When business owners need to spend more than 40% of their energy serving the government rather than producing what the business was designed to produce, the tendency is to give up and look for an easier way to make a living. We need successful capitalists running ahead, bringing innovations, creating jobs for millions and propelling society forward. We must not muzzle them while they work the fiel




Compassionate Capitalism – A Judeo-Christian Valueby Harold Eberle, 2010, Worldcast Publishing.

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