Prosper as Your Soul Prospers

The apostle John said Biblical prosperity comes from deep within us, so we will prosper no matter what our situation, culture or circumstances. Literally…“prosper as your soul prospers”. Think of Joseph, he seemed to advance in whatever situation he was in because he had a prosperous soul. Our soul is deep within us and includes our thoughts of how we see the world and how we see ourselves.

For our soul to prosper we have to learn how to identify and replace poverty thinking with a more prosperous way of thinking. So our beliefs, our thoughts and our words will all agree with what God says about us and produce the fruit of prosperity in our life, including but not limited to our finances. We identify and eradicate poverty thinking that will hinder our destiny as well as our finances.

For example, we must be fully convinced that poverty is a curse. In Job 1:9-10 we see that the devil interrupted God’s blessing when he came on the scene. It was when Job was under attack from the devil that he was poor, sick, etc. Sometimes Christians get confused and think that it is more spiritual to be poor. If this were true, the nations mired in poverty such as India would be the most Christian and Godly places in the world. Instead we find India mired in the curse of Hinduism and pagan idols. One trip to India will convince you of the close association of dead religion, poverty, sickness and death.

If financial lack is our current situation we must understand that God wants us to advance out of it. In Genesis 1:28 God told Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply.  The spirit of poverty makes us feel trapped in our current situation. But God does want us to advance. If we have an advancing mindset (a prosperous soul) our current financial situation will change. Change your thinking. Renounce poverty and lack, and ask God to show you steps forward.


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