Delete Poverty Thinking (Practical Exercise)

I am still finding and deleting poverty thoughts from my mind. Just recently the Lord showed me some poverty thinking, things I believed, that I had to get out of my head. One way that poverty thinking gets in our heads is through the words of financial lack that others have spoken over us. We sometimes innocently believe and accept these words and it becomes a word curse that needs to be broken. For example a family member might say something like, “You will always work that same, dead-end job.” If we accept this and believe it, then it can become a limiting stronghold in our lives.

Also we tend to speak negative financial words over ourselves. We might say something like, “ I will never get a ahead. Everyone else seems to get a promotion at work but I am overlooked.” These words poverty thinking words need to be deleted and here is how we are going to do it. Let’s take some practical action with the following exercise. Get a piece of paper and lets get to work.

Ask the Holy Spirit to show you words of poverty thinking that you have spoken over yourself or others have spoken over you. Listen to the Holy Spirit and then write those specific words out as shown below. We want to cancel their effect and break their power. (Write them down and then draw a line through them, breaking their power in Jesus’ name! Sign and date.)

Ex: “I will always work this dead-end job!               





These words have no power over me in Jesus’ name!




Next let’s replace those words. What words will you replace them with? See the example below.

Ex: “I will get ahead.” Ex: “I will get a promotion” or “I will do what it takes to get a better paying job.”           





Boldly say these words aloud right now! Do it!

Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you to prosper!

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