Giving is Central to God’s Economy

Unbelievably, a few years ago, on very short notice, the church we attend lost the lease on the property it was using. With only a few thousand dollars in the building fund, the church was looking at close to $100,000 that was needed to renovate the only property that was available on such short notice. I was an elder in the church at the time and remember distinctly the elders discussing what should be done. One elder, my wife, suggested we treat the few thousand we had as seed money and sow most of it into a mission agency’s building project. The silence was deafening.

After getting over the initial shock of this suggestion, everyone in the room swallowed hard and knew it was the right thing to do, and that was the decision that was made. The little bit of money in the building fund was given away. God honored that seed and a few months later we moved into the newly renovated building with almost all the costs paid for in cash. Giving is central to God’s economy.

Up until now you have heard me teaching about financial inflow because a person cannot give what they do not have. This and the upcoming blogs will focus on giving and the essential part it plays in releasing financial blessing in our lives.

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  1. Love this!! Moral of the story? Always listen to our wives.

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