A Financial Funnel

One time I was praying in my home, and God showed me a brief picture of myself as a funnel for finances. There were resources coming to me from a wide spectrum of sources and then as they came under the influence of my “kingdom of God” mentality I would redirect them to the place where they were needed to expand the kingdom. This was a very vivid picture that has stayed with me to this day. Picture yourself as a funnel with money coming in from many sources. As the money passes through your hands and comes under your authority, you have the opportunity to channel or direct it to extend the kingdom of God.

Our money literally represents our time and our talents. When we work and receive a paycheck, or invest our time and energy to increase the value of something to sell, it is the product of our efforts. It represents us. So when we give money away it is like giving something of ourselves away. Jesus literally sat by the money box in the Synagogue watching what people gave. I believe he is still watching today to see what people give.

Do you remember the one hundred dollar bill story? I realized that God would take me seriously in expecting to receive one hundred dollar bills from him if I would take him seriously in expecting me to give one hundred dollar bills away. God is not afraid to talk about money in his word and his desire to bless us; however he expects us to uphold our part of the bargain which is central to his economy.  He entrusts to us the opportunity to learn and understand his economy of giving.

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