Create Wealth

In previous blogs we discussed the need for us to be fully convinced that God wants us to prosper financially. If we are convinced of this, then we will have the godly desire that will drive us to change and take creative actions and not feel guilty when God prospers us.

One of the reasons people feel guilty about prospering financially is because they are told that there is a fixed amount of money in the world and the more they have the less someone else has. This is not good economics. It is not a fixed economic pie. If you have a bigger piece of the pie it does not mean someone else has a smaller piece. Or if I have a car it does not mean that someone on the other side of the world does not have a car. The truth is most nations of the world have a growing economic pie so that all can have a bigger piece. That is why Gross Domestic Product (GDP) increases every year except in times of recession.

A number of modern economic theories view man’s primary role on the earth as a consumer. A biblical worldview gives us a different picture. We were meant to be producers first and consumers second. In Genesis chapter one it states that God created us to be fruitful and productive. We should not look at consumption as our primary purpose in life. This is a secular worldview that lacks any sense of destiny…sometimes stated, “eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.”

The secular person views an additional child in a family as another mouth to feed rather than another person to contribute to the production of food. This view is based on an expectation of scarcity and limitation. The same person will say there is not enough water in the world for the growing population. The truth is we do not lack for water on the earth. The oceans are full of water. The challenge is to obtain drinkable water, which drives us to discover the needed technology for water purification. The lack is not water; the lack is ideas and technology. So that additional child that is born just might be the one that discovers the water purification technology we need.

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