An Unquenchable Fountain of Ever Enlarging Opportunity

A few years ago I had the opportunity to visit the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. I watched the 40 to 50 ft. waves repeatedly crash against the rocks one after another. The ocean spray went hundreds of feet in the air after impacting the rocks. It struck me that we do not have a power problem on the earth. There is plenty of power. We have a problem with harnessing power. It is a technology problem not a lack problem. There are still plenty of untapped resources on the earth that are available for all of us to prosper.

This principle is important when discussing investing and creating wealth because if we feel like we are competing with others for a limited piece of the pie this will stifle our creativity. If we think one person’s prosperity makes other people poorer, it will limit our desire to grow, create and prosper. We should live in a world of abundance, not one of limitations. With a little bit of creativity we can find a way for some economic win/win vs. a win/lose. Jesus had an abundance mentality. He said the “fields are white unto harvest”. An abundance mentality means that rather than seeing life as a competition with only one winner, you see it as an unquenchable fountain of ever enlarging opportunity, resources and wealth.

If we have an abundance mentality, we won’t compare ourselves to others and will be genuinely happy for their success. We are not trying to “keep up with the Joneses,” we are on a mission from God to fund His Kingdom and our destiny. It is between us and Him. It has nothing to do with comparing ourselves to the “Jones”. We can learn from others but we are not in competition with them.

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